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Purchase and Sale Agreement under the Terms of Public Offer

Minsk                               August  15, 2019 

Individual Entrepreneur Zabavka Ivan Stanislavovich, (hereinafter – the Seller), on the one hand, and the Buyer, on the other hand, hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties” have concluded this public agreement on the following:


1.1. This Agreement is an official offer of the Seller (Offer) to any number of unspecified persons to enter into the goods retail purchase and sale agreement (hereinafter – the Contract) under the terms and conditions specified therein and on the website of online store

1.2. The Contract is a contract of adhesion.

1.3. Terms and conditions of the goods selling and the Contract concluded between the Seller and the Buyer shall be determined by the Seller. The Seller may amend the Offer terms and conditions unilaterally. The Buyer shall be notified of any amendments by posting them on the online store website.

1.4. The Buyer shall familiarize with the Offer conditions, information on the goods in the online store, prices thereof and delivery terms before the goods ordering. The Contract shall be deemed concluded from the date of the order payment by the Buyer. By paying the order the Buyer confirms that he is familiar with the Contract terms and conditions.

1.5. Upon the Contract conclusion and by reason of its conclusion, legal relationship of the Seller and the Buyer shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Belarus.


2.1. The goods shall be ordered by the Buyer from the online store via the online store website only.

2.2. To place an order with the online store the Buyer shall pass registration on the website, following which Personal Cabinet will become available to the Buyer. 

2.3. The Buyer shall independently place an order via the Seller’s online store by putting the necessary goods into the basket.

2.4. When forming the order, the Buyer shall specify all the necessary data, including without limitation:

- quantity of goods;

- ordered goods delivery method;

- the Buyer’s surname, name and patronymic;

- delivery address and time;

- the buyer’s contact details;

The Buyer shall be responsible for the accuracy of the data specified during order placement. 

2.5. By forming an order for the goods the Buyer agrees to irrevocably accept all the terms and conditions of the Seller regarding the goods sales and delivery.

2.6. The Seller shall confirm to the Buyer that the properly executed order is accepted by notifying the Buyer of the order acceptance via the Buyer’s Personal Cabinet, as well as by email).


3.1 The goods shall be delivered to the Buyer by post.

3.2. The goods shall be posted through the Seller’s efforts at the Buyer’s expense.

3.3. In the event the Buyer refuses to accept the goods, the prepayment made will not be returned.

3.4. No claims as to the goods range, quantity and completeness shall be accepted after the goods take-over to the Buyer.


4.1. The goods shall be paid for before dispatching to the Buyer.

4.2. All the commission expenses for the goods payment shall be borne by the Buyer. 

4.3. Payment shall be carried out by bank transfer from the Buyer’s bank card by means of payment systems and aggregators connected to the online store website.

4.4. Payment system and aggregator shall be selected by the Buyer at his own discretion. 

4.5. Payment currency: USD, EURO, pound sterling, Danish krone, Australian dollar, zloty, Iceland krone, yen, Canadian dollar, Chinese yuan, Norwegian krone, Russian ruble, som, tenge, Turkish lira, Czech koruna, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, etc. Payment currency shall be selected by the Buyer independently from those offered on the online store website.


5.1. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the Contract terms and conditions the Parties shall be responsible in accordance with the law of the Republic of Belarus.

5.2. Issued related to return (replacement) of defective goods shall be resolved by agreement of the Parties taking account the provision of the law of the Republic of Belarus.


6.1. For the purposes of preservation of information on the Buyer’s orders, as well as for internal marketing research, the Buyer agrees that the Seller collects processes and stores information on the Buyer’s contact details (including surname, name, patronymic, sex, biometric personal data, address, phone numbers, email address).

6.2. The Seller undertakes to keep confidentiality of information received from the Buyer related to his personal data, data on payment means (plastic cards) and related to the Buyer’s orders in the manner set forth by the current law of the Republic of Belarus.


IE Zabavka Ivan Stanislavovich

Registered address:  45 Volgogradskaya street, apt. 30.

Registration Certificate No. 193158319 of 29.10.2018.


Tel.: +37529 2822499